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Print or Embroidery - which should I choose?
Both printing and embroidery will look great on most garments but which is better for a given job will vary depending on your requirements and the type of garments you are considering.
Straight away there are some simple rules to follow, fleece jackets - due to the nature of fleece material we would always recommend embroidery on fleeces. If you want a large design, get it printed. Embroidery doesn't work well for really big designs or text you want to stand out from a distance. We recommend any design over 15cm wide be printed. Customisations like names on the back of a garment, or big bold text such as STAFF or SECURITY will also work far better using vinyl printing. Waterproof garments should only be printed as embroidery will compromise the waterproofing. T Shirts tend to be a lighter weight material so embroidery with a high stitch count could potentially pull at the fabric so printing tends to be the preferred choice.

Print is cheaper than embroidery, so if cost is a significant factor then there's no reason not to go for printing.

If you are ordering a simple logo, especially for a uniform, embroidery can look superb on most garments, and may be considered more professional. It is also incredibly durable, so the embroidery will look great for the lifetime of the garment.

The above is only a basic guide, if you are unsure please call and our staff will be pleased to discuss your requirements and help you make your choice.

If you have ordered two different items, and only want embroidery on one, use 'the any other info' box during checkout to give instructions.

Please ensure you order correct size garment, as once embroidery is done, garment cannot be exchanged.

If you have a logo you want put on a garment, whether embroidered or printed, please email a picture or telephone to obtain a quote.